How to Track My Girlfriend's Phone Without Him Knowing

How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing

Do you want to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you? If yes, you can easily find it out by tracking her phone. Girls tend to keep all their secrets inside their phones. If you want to know what’s going on in her life, you can track her phone. It is not healthy to live in a relationship where your partner is cheating on you. You can track her phone secretly to reveal all her secrets. Once you find out the truth, you can confront her and end your relationship before you get hurt.

Phone Tracking

Phone Tracking

If you want to catch a cheating partner, the best way to do that is by tracking their phone. By monitoring someone’s phone, you can track all their activities. You can read their messages, check their call records, as well as listen to their calls. However, you can follow their location. You can check all their social media apps and messenger apps. Apart from this, you can use other advanced features to control their phone activities.


Sign of a Cheating Girlfriend

Here are some signs of a cheating girlfriend. If your girlfriend is showing these signs, you need to track her phone to find out the truth.

  • Always busy on her phone: A cheating girlfriend will always be active on her phone. She will continuously search for her phone.
  • Phone Privacy: She will keep extra security to lock her phone. She will keep all her apps lock. She will never share her password with you.
  • Changed Behavior: Her behavior will change all of a sudden. She will become less involved in your relationship.
  • Avoid You: She will start avoiding you. She will keep her distance and cancel all your dates to stay away from you.
  • Always busy with her friends: She will always be busy with her friends. She will cancel plans with you to stay with her friends.

Employing A Spying Application for Tracing Her Phone

A Spying Application for Tracing Her Phone

If you want to track your girlfriend’s phone, you can do it by using a spying application. These apps are specially developed to spy on cell phones. With a spying app, you can track all her activities secretly. If you want to learn how to track her phone by using a spy application, observe the following actions.

Step 1: Select a spying app

First, you need to pick a trustworthy prying application for tracking her phone. You need to make sure it is compatible with her phone. You need to compare all the features of spying apps to choose the best one. It should be easy to use, compatible, affordable, and legal. In this post, we will show you how to use TheTruthSpy tracking app to monitor your girlfriend’s phone.

Step 2: Sign up

After selecting an app, you need to go to the official website of the app to create a spying account. Without a spying account, you won’t be able to manage all the spying data. Click on the sign-up option and enter all your details to create an account. Enter your email id and fill in all the other details correctly.

Step 3: Enter Her Device Details

Here, you have to enter her phone details. Choose a nickname for her phone. Enter the type of device she uses. After that, could you enter the model number of her device?

Step 4: Subscription Plan

To use a paid spying app, you need an active subscription. There are different subscription plans available for each app. You choose the plan as per your requirements. If you have a budget problem, you can either go for the free trial option or choose a free spying app.

Step 5: Setup

In this step, you need to set up the app inside the phone. If your girlfriend uses an iPhone, you can simply enter her iCloud details to connect her phone with the spying app. You need to know her iCloud information. Before entering the details, you need to create a backup.

If she uses an android phone, you have to access her cellphone once to set up the spying app inside her phone manually. First, you need to access her phone and unlock her password. After it is done, you have to go to settings and allow downloads from unknown sources. Then you have to go to Google Play and disable Play Protect.

Once it is done, you need to visit the official website of the app at to download it on her phone. After downloading, you have to install it on the phone. However, once the installation is completed, you need to log in to the app using your account details. After it is done, delete the browsing and downloading history and hide the app icon.

Step 6: Login and Track

All you need to do now is log in to your spying account and monitor all her activities. You can go to the control panel and choose different apps to spy on. You can control all the spying activities from the dashboard.


This is how you can track your girlfriend’s phone secretly by using a spying application.

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